Viking belt 2 cm – Type 3 with end in brown/brass

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This belt is a replica based on an historical find from Birka in the Borre style from the Viking period. It is made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, with a thickness of approximately 3.5 mm and a width of 2 cm. The belt can be worn knotted due to it’s length and is therefore ideally suited for LARP and viking reenactment.

Our belts have a length of approximately 160 cm, which means that the standard hole placing is perfectly suited for people with a waist measurement of ca. 85-105 cm. The remainder of the belt can be used to make a ‘tie’. You can always use this part to add more holes if the standard hole placing is too tight.

Most belts have options for brown and black leather, the buckles and any other metal fittings are available in brass- and silver-coloured variants. If you desire a combination that is not available in our standard stock, feel free to contact us to check the possibilities.


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