Roman trumpet fibula – silver plated

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Roman trumpet fibula in silver plated bronze

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This silver Roman trumpet brooch is a detailed replica after 1st to 2nd century CE archaeological finds from Germany. Brooches with this characteristic trumpet shape were common in the Germanic areas of the Roman Empire. 

Decorative brooches like these were historically used to certain feminine garments, close so called peplos, at the shoulders. The decorative look and overall Roman-Germanic look also makes them very suitable to use for purely decorative purposes. The needle at the back makes it very easy to close all sorts of garments with the brooch.

The Roman trumpet fibula measures 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm and is available in bronze, as well as a silver plated variant.

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Dimensions 3,5 × 1,5 × 1,5 cm


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