Pair of bronze leg wrap hooks – Trewhiddle

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Pair of bronze leg wrap hooks, Trewhiddle style

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This pair ornately decorated leg wrap hooks are based on a 9th century historical example from Trewhiddle in Cornwall, modern day England. 

Leg wrap hooks, as the name suggests, were used to fasten leg wraps. The hooks were sewn to one edge of a wrap, then the hook was used to tighten it. This product consists of a pair, so you can tighten the wrap on both your legs. These hooks can also be used to fasten arm wraps. This product therefore goes perfectly with our 100% woolen leg wraps and arm wraps.

The Pair of leg wrap hooks – Anglo-Saxon measures 2.8 x 2 cm and is available in bronze, as well as a silver-plated variant.


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