The Dutch Tailorette was founded in 2017, as a tailoring atelier with a focus on LARP-events. We mostly took commissions from LARPers and made custom costumes, but over time we started to build up a stock of our own manufactured products after confection measurements. We started retailing products to accompany our costumes, such as metal ornaments like cloak clasps, nestles, and jewellery, but also leather products, like pouches, bags, and belts. Because we want to encourage everybody in expressing their creative selves, we are also selling DIY materials, like fabric, (historical) sewing equipment, and thread.

We hope to add more products to our assortment in the near future, like shoes, to complement our costumes! If you are interested in what we have made so far, make sure to take a peek at our portfolio on social media. If you would like to have something made for yourself, make sure to send us a message, so we can talk about the options!